Forum FAQ

How do I search the forum?

Look for the little magnifying glass or # symbol in the header. Click on the home (house) symbol to go to the header.

I click on a community hashtag but get “No Posts found”?

This is generally because the tagged content is in a group that you are not a member of.

I seem to be getting a lot of emails how can I control this?

Goto to your user settings (a down arrow to the right of your name) and select preferences. You can control all notifications there.

How do I chat to someone?

Click on someone’s name this takes you to their profile.  There is a little speech balloon top right, click on this.  Type your text in the dialog box.  This is a private conversation between you and the recipient.

What do #hashtags do?

A neat way of grouping all similar content together. If you click on #headlining you are presented with all the posts on that subject.

What are Groups for?

A way of segmenting content so you can just get presented with what interests you. If you don’t own a campervan you will probably not be interested in what “Westerly on wheels” are up to.

How do I change my Display Name?

In the forum click on your name.  Then select edit profile and select your Display Name from the drop down list.  If the display name you want is not there enter it into Nickname  then select it from the drop down list.

How do I change my Avatar?

Your avatar is the image which is used in the Forum.  Avatars used here come from, and this is where you can change the image.  Using Gravatar ensures that you have a consistent avatar across the web.

When I search for a phrase in my comment nothing is found

Searching for words and hashtags only searches the original posts.

How can I see all my own posts?

Just go to you own profile by clicking on your name in the toolbar at the top of the screen

I want to edit a post and add a new line

Use Shift-Enter to add a new line in a post.